Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hookers in Little Rock

I've been driving about 16 months now. In that time I've been approached once, indirectly, by a lot lizard, the derogatory term used to describe a truckstop hooker. I was in San Antonio, TX and a woman was walking from rig to rig at the truckstop I had chosen to park for the night.

It was summer, it was still light out and plenty hot. She eventually got to me and asked to use the CB, I politely declined and she continued on. A driver finally let her into a rig and as she grabbed the mic, I switched on my CB. I generally don't use my CB as it's rather obnoxious, interferes with my music and I can't understand half of what's being said by what sounds like mush-mouth southerners cussing at each other most of the time.

Anyway, she proceeded to adopt this sweet, Texas twang and advertised herself as a "masseuse" for hire. Oh yeah, I'll bet she rubs you alright. So the replies began to pour in from drivers in the lot and a meetup was set for a "massage" I passed.

So, until two nights ago in Little Rock, AR, that was the extent of my exposure to the seedy part of truck driving.

It was a cold night, about 37 deg. and I see a woman walk past the front of my rig wearing a hooded sweatshirt, sweatpants and flip-flops. I thought to myself, "That's not a driver". Now there are a number of women drivng truck, they just do not wear the attire this woman was sporting. Again, I turned on the CB just in time to hear another woman advertising her services to anyone on channel 19. 19 is the common talking channel used by drivers. She didn't play the coy massage angle. She said straight up she had a juicy ass and some sweet, juicy titties for hire! She said anyone interested should jump to channel 23 for more details. She stated what truckstop she was located and what she was wearing, it was not the same woman I had seen.

Guys started calling out asking for a more detailed description and asking prices. She described herself and said prices were case by case, she will come talk with you, where you at? Guys tried to describe where they were parked and she asked them to flash their lights. Some guys didn't listen very well. She stated she was at a place across the road but there were trucks flashing their lights where I was parked and they kept saying "I can't see you sugar!"

So, my first, real exposure, to lot lizards. Again, I passed.

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  1. Good decision - don't want to "get" some kind of "lizard" from them!